About Arizona Energy Products

Arizona Energy Products and Rain Gutters have been serving Arizona homeowners since 1985. As a registered contractor with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors and Better Business Bureau we are proud of our outstanding record and achievements for over 20+ years. Our mission has always been and will always be to provide number one customer service and satisfaction.

We promise three things to all of our customers:

  1. We tell the Truth
  2. We Stand Behind Our Work
  3. We Provide Competitive Pricing.

80% of Our Business comes from Personal Referrals!
We are Licensed, Bonded and Insured.

General Contractor
ROC# 267773

Our Services

We specialize in installing two important energy and cost saving products, Seamless Rain Gutters and Solar Sun Screens.

  1. Seamless Rain Gutters

    Our Seamless Rain Gutters help prevent unwanted foundation settling and cracking from excessive moisture.

    Diverting water away from your home helps keep out those unwanted pest infestation – scorpions, termites, ants, etc.

    Courtyards, entryways and patios are protected from water flowing off the roof and pooling. Plants are also protected around the perimeter of your home.

  2. Solar Sun Screens

    Solar Sun Screens protect the window shutters, furniture and flooring from fading from the intense Arizona sun. Also, as a result, you will save money on your cooling costs, because your air conditioner won’t run as long and hard.

    During the brutal hot months here in Arizona, we experience 48% heat gain through windows. Having solar sun screens on the exterior window will provide protection from the sun’s radiant heat, allowing the window shutters to be open during daylight hours, without experiencing the heat gain.

Our Vision

Arizona Energy Products is the leading provider of Solar Shade Screens and Seamless Rain Gutters here in Arizona. We only use the best materials and suppliers to insure our customers are getting the best for their investment.

Arizona Energy Products builds and customizes Solar Shade Screens and Seamless Rain Gutters for the Arizona climate and architecture. We are homeowner association friendly, and we likely have our products in your community right now!

Arizona Energy Products staff and associates are dedicated to honesty and integrity. Our staff is professional, knowledgeable and friendly. We guarantee your satisfaction in everything we do! This is why we are an industry leader in Arizona.


Arizona Energy Products provided a professional and thorough presentation of the solar sun screens to me. I had several estimates from other companies, but I found that the Arizona Energy Products solar sun screens provided the heavy duty options I had researched. They assisted me on all the screen and frame color options, they provided their opinion and helped me choose the solar sun screens I decided on. Arizona Energy Products explained the difference between the 80% vs. 90% options, and I was able to use the different grades for areas around my house to meet my needs. Arizona Energy Products pricing and professionalism were what I was looking for in a contractor.

– Cindy A.

During the summer months, the room became quite warm and the air conditioning was having trouble cooling the room. We tried a number of things that proved not to work. After having Shade Screens installed, I was so impressed with the screens that I had them installed on another one of my homes. I'm here to tell you, as they were putting Shade Screens up, I could feel the difference in the temperature of the room. I really believe that Shade Screens are a big help and would recommend them to anyone that is having trouble controlling the temperatures within their home.

Brian C. - Mesa

Two of our major home concerns are privacy and energy efficiency. Solar Screens have proven valuable in achieving both goals. We had to put up shutters and curtains on most of these (southern facing) windows and doors which didn't help much with the heat build-up and forced us to sacrifice our view of the horse farm. Solar Screens solved both problems. Immediately after installation, we could feel a huge decrease in the amount of heat coming into the house through the windows and French doors. More importantly, we regained our view of the horses and the garden. We can see out – it's like looking through sun glasses, but no one can see in.

Gerry & Freya S. - Gilbert, AZ.