Solar Sun Screens

Here at Arizona Energy Products Our Mission is to Save Arizona Homeowners Money and Energy All Year Round!

During the cold winter months we have a solution that will save you money on your heating bill for years. Window Shutters! During the brutal hot months we have a solution that will save you money on your cooling bill for years. Solar Sun Screens!

Solar Sun Screens ArizonaHere’s how it works, during the sunny, winter days open the interior window shutters and let the sunlight in, and use the radiant heat to heat your home.

When the sun goes down, close the shutters to keep the warmth in. By containing the heat and maintaining a warm, cozy interior, your heater will work less, which will save you money!

During the brutal hot months here in Arizona, we experience 48% heat gain through windows. Window shutters in Arizona can block the majority of the sun’s radiant heat. However, this requires keeping the window shutters closed most of the day.

Solar Sun Screens on HouseWindow shutters on the interior coupled with our Solar Sun Screens on the outside, is a great combination. Having solar sun screens on the exterior window will provide protection from the sun’s radiant heat, allowing the window shutters to be open during daylight hours, without experiencing the heat gain.

Solar Sun Screens will also protect the window shutters, furniture and flooring from fading. As a result, you will save money on your cooling costs, because your air conditioner won’t run as long and hard.

In conclusion, having solar sun screens on your home provides you with some huge benefits. It’s a perfect combination, designed to beautify your home, save you money, and protect your investment.