August 15, 2015

Arizona Energy Products Give Better Efficiency

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As a homeowner, you’ve probably heard about the energy-saving products that are available. In fact, you may already have some of them in your home. But are you getting the energy-saving results you had expected?

Like many people, you may have educated yourself on an energy-saving product or were talked into buying something you’re still unfamiliar with. Or maybe you are like the majority of us still learning and trying to figure out where to start. Well, a great place to begin is Arizona Energy Products.

Arizona Energy Products has been serving homeowners in Arizona since 1985, when the company began selling solar shade screens. In 1989, they started selling solar fans and tubular skylights, and since has grown to become one of the state’s leading energy saving companies.

“Homes need to start with and go through baby steps in energy efficiency,” says Bud Russman, sales and marketing director at Arizona Energy Products. “A good start is programmable thermostats. The next step would be solar screens and shades, which can save up to 40 percent in energy costs alone by blocking sun and heat during the summer. Shutters can not only block heat in the summer, but also stop the cold in the winter.”

From the scorching summer days to the sometimes freezing winter nights, there’s a vast range of temperatures in the desert during the course of a year, and so heating and cooling systems are working hard to keep up. Products like the ones sold by Arizona Energy Products cannot only save you money but extend the life of your systems, says Russman.

“There aren’t a lot of ways to save money or places we can cut costs,” says Russman. “Energy savings is the best way to do this, and the least expensive methods are the solar sunscreens and solar attic fans.” Attic fans can lower the temperature in an attic as much as 40 degrees, he says.

The next step toward energy savings is using tubular skylights. “These utilize the natural sunlight and allow us to use less electricity,” explains Russman. “Finally, add solar heaters; the products work in conjunction with each other to maximize savings.”

Russman comes from an energy conservation background, and since 1990 has continued his education to keep up with the most recent developments in energy savings and conservation. He helped develop Arizona Energy Products’ websites — and — which not only give company background, but also provide a user-friendly source that educates consumers on different products and services, allowing them to make informed decisions.

“In my opinion, the No. 1 home improvement is energy savings,” says Russman. “But preventative steps should also be considered.” That’s where the rain gutters come in. Arizona isn’t known for its vast amounts of rain, but when it comes, it pours.

“Over time, water damage can create cracks in patios and foundations leading to an unstable foundation and costly repairs,” says Russman. Rain gutters move the water away from your home and foundation. This is additional protection for your home.

Whether you are looking to start or expand your energy savings with one of the many products available, Arizona Energy Products is a great place to go. With its A+ Better Business Bureau rating and a spotless record with the Registrar of Contractors, Arizona Energy Products backs all of its work. “We value every customer and their satisfaction is our No. 1 priority,” says Russman. “We are very proud of our products.”

A testament to Arizona Energy Products’ integrity is that even after all the changes in the economy, the company is still going strong. “Eighty percent of our business comes from personal referrals,” says Russman.

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