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1500times better than other products

During the summer months, the room became quite warm and the air conditioning was having trouble cooling the room. We tried a number of things that proved not to work. After having Shade Screens installed, I was so impressed with the screens that I had them installed on another one of my homes. I'm here to tell you, as they were putting Shade Screens up, I could feel the difference in the temperature of the room. I really believe that Shade Screens are a big help and would recommend them to anyone that is having trouble controlling the temperatures within their home.

Brian C. - Mesa

Two of our major home concerns are privacy and energy efficiency. Solar Screens have proven valuable in achieving both goals. We had to put up shutters and curtains on most of these (southern facing) windows and doors which didn't help much with the heat build-up and forced us to sacrifice our view of the horse farm. Solar Screens solved both problems. Immediately after installation, we could feel a huge decrease in the amount of heat coming into the house through the windows and French doors. More importantly, we regained our view of the horses and the garden. We can see out – it's like looking through sun glasses, but no one can see in.

Gerry & Freya S. - Gilbert, AZ.

Arizona Energy Products provided a professional and thorough presentation of the solar sun screens to me. I had several estimates from other companies, but I found that the Arizona Energy Products solar sun screens provided the heavy duty options I had researched. They assisted me on all the screen and frame color options, they provided their opinion and helped me choose the solar sun screens I decided on. Arizona Energy Products explained the difference between the 80% vs. 90% options, and I was able to use the different grades for areas around my house to meet my needs. Arizona Energy Products pricing and professionalism were what I was looking for in a contractor.

Cindy A. - Gold Canyon

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